Volunteer Consultant Application Form

Thank you for offering to volunteer your skills and your time.

To apply for a Volunteer Consultant opportunity with MAS, please complete and submit this form, along with a resume.

Please note that MAS can only accept applications from residents of Ontario, preferably the GTA.

What happens next?
Once we receive your application, you may be invited to talk with us in a telephone interview, followed by in-person interviews. Work references may also be requested.

Then, if you are approved and agree to join the MAS team, you will attend an orientation session. Once that is complete, you will be eligible to join new projects in your area(s) of expertise.

  • Note: We reserve the right to ask you for personal and professional references as part of the MAS interview process.

  • Contact information:

  • Skills/Interests:

    The following information will help us understand how you wish to participate in MAS. We will also use it to identify the appropriate interviewers. Please be as specific as you can about your skill e.g. rather than "HR” you might say “conflict resolution” etc.
  • By submitting you confirm that you have have read the requirements for a volunteer with MAS and that in your view you satisfy those requirements. Please forward your resume to info@masadvise.org after submitting your application here.