Overcoming Team Tension – Part 2

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In the last blog we looked at how to recognize the symptoms of team tension. So, what are some practical ways to manage it? The first is to simply acknowledge that team tension exists. This can take some bravery. In the middle of a meeting, make a declaration: “We seem to be at an impasse […]

Overcoming Team Tension – Part 1

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You’re working on a big project. Deadlines are approaching. Major work needs to be done. Numerous team members are involved. The goal is clear. At the beginning of the project, things go smoothly.  But then trouble sets in. It starts out as a minor difference of opinion between team members. Then, there’s a stall in […]

Using a Parking Lot Effectively During a Meeting

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A parking lot is a list of issues that have been “parked” (set aside for later discussion) during a meeting, allowing the meeting leader or the facilitator to keep the meeting focused on its purpose when it might be missed because of a difficult side issue. Usually it is the meeting facilitator who asks the […]

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