The Boringly Concise Guide To Making A Motion

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“I’d like to make a motion.” How often have you heard someone pop this little surprise at a meeting? It comes right out of the blue, like an unwanted telephone solicitation from a goldfish babysitting service. You’ve been to those awkward meetings. Team members get together to discuss a project while munching on stale muffins […]

How To Attend The Best Meeting Ever

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Were there any important decisions made at the last dinner party you attended? Probably not. You never think about a dinner party as having an agenda or a stated purpose. The conversation just goes off in all sorts of directions, from politics, to sports, to the recipe for that fabulous banana chicken in a black […]

Establishing Ground Rules for a Meeting

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It has become customary to establish ground rules for conduct during a facilitated meeting.  I like to think of these as the contract between the facilitator and the group.  If I am the facilitator, you tell me how you’d like yourself and the other participants to behave, and I hold you all to that standard.  […]

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