Increase awareness so you can do more

Do you want to improve your messaging but you’re not sure where to start? When you work with a MAS Volunteer Consultant, your nonprofit’s brand will be clear and consistent.

Together with a Volunteer Consultant, you will

  • clarify your message and make it easy to read. We will give you feedback on your website to make it easier to navigate.
  • address the key questions donors have of your nonprofit
  • produce marketing tools that are consistent, such as brochures, donor presentations, elevator speeches and donor letter templates
  • get advice on how to increase awareness

Let MAS help you communicate clearly to donors, clients and staff.  Contact MAS today and put our expertise to work for you.


Marketing Bootcamp




Marketing Bootcamp for EDs of small nonprofits:
This booklet is the minimum an ED needs to know to get started in marketing. EDs of small nonprofits need to create a consistent brand for their website and promotional materials and audit yearly.

Common Marketing and Fundraising Questions




This checklist should be completed by Executive Directors to diagnose if you have marketing or fundraising problems. MAS can help you. Fill in our Request for Assistance form here

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