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Marketing and Communications for Non Profits

Marketing and communications are critical to your success in getting the word out to internal and external audiences and making sure your vital services are widely known and clearly understood.

Do you want to improve your marketing but you’re not sure where to start?

MAS can help

Small-sized charities

Do you want to improve your messaging and increase awareness but you’re not sure where to start? When you work with a MAS Volunteer Consultant, your nonprofit’s brand will be clear and consistent. Together with a Volunteer Consultant, you will

  • Clarify your message and make it easy to read – we will give you feedback on your website to make it easier to navigate
  • Address the key questions donors have of your nonprofit
  • Support teams as they begin to produce marketing tools such as brochures, donor presentations, elevator speeches and donor letter templates
  • Get advice on how to increase awareness

Let MAS help you communicate clearly to donors, funders, clients and staff. Contact us today and put our expertise to work for you.

For more information you can also visit our free publications page for our booklet on “Marketing Bootcamp for Small Non-profits” and “Common Marketing & Fundraising Questions” to help get you started.

For mid-sized charities

Together with an experienced MAS Volunteer Consultant, you can create a strategic Marketing Communications plan that will prioritize your teams efforts and align your annual investments with your strategic direction. We will help you to

  • Develop clear Marketing Communication strategies, goals and measurement indicators
  • Identify and analyze issues and other information critical to clearly positioning your brand
  • Clarify goals and priorities
  • Assess the strength and consistency of brand across your organization
  • Support the development of any market research needs and plans
  • Clarify operational and resource implications as we help develop annual implementation plans. This can include identifying training needs or skill gaps
  • Help teams design outcome and reach measurements and reporting templates

Contact us today and one of our MAS Volunteer Consultants will work with you to develop a clear, comprehensive and effective plan, based on your organization’s goals and objectives.

The marketing challenges you face as a mid-size are often much more complex than when you were small. As the Marketing Communications team has grown needs have changed and it becomes increasingly important to measure marketing efforts to determine where to best invest your resources. MAS has created free tools for you to self-assess your marketing efforts. Visit our   free publications   page to find a number of helpful tools including our “Mid-Sized NFP Marketing Audit” and our “Revenue Efficiency Report” training video.

Check here for more useful free publications