Staying ahead of
rapid changes in technology

Information Technology Consulting for Non-Profits

You rely on information technology to deliver tools, information, services and support for your organization internally and externally. But IT is a complex and rapidly changing area that requires expertise that many do not have.

MAS can help.

Evaluation and assessment by a MAS Volunteer Consultant who specializes in IT can help you to understand your current situation and develop creative solutions by:

  • Identifying areas that could benefit from automation
  • Assisting in documenting your requirements for an RFP
  • Conducting a current technology environment assessment
  • Helping you develop a technology improvement plan, including training and maintenance requirements
  • Helping you set up the right project management for IT projects

As the demands on your IT infrastructure changes, MAS can help you change with it. Contact MAS today to evaluate your current IT needs and plan for flexibility and evolution in the future.