Making the numbers work hard

Finance and Accounting

You must have financial and accounting functions that are robust and sufficient to meet the demands of all stakeholders. They must also provide you, your Board and your staff with the information you need to manage your organization effectively. This information is critical to assess your current situation and develop solutions to help achieve your objectives.

MAS can help

MAS Volunteer Consultants with financial expertise and experience can work with you to:

  • Review your organization’s financial management programs, including policies and controls
  • Suggest changes in policies, practices and procedures to better manage your financial affairs
  • Develop a budgeting and financial control system
  • Facilitate the annual budgeting review
  • Improve your management reporting
  • Brief your board on their fiduciary responsibilities
  • Advise on accounting and fund raising system selection

Contact MAS today and let our financial Volunteer Consultants help you make your numbers work harder, so your organization can be more effective, make better decisions, and better serve the community of people you work for.