What to look for in a Coach

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Our third blog in this series helps you look for the right Coach.

The experience, characteristics and style of the Coach must be a good fit for the unique needs and circumstances of the person and the organization to achieve maximum success. Here are some areas for investigation to help evaluate an Coach and the service offered:

Solid business credentials

Does the Coach have a background in business, psychology, human resources or coach training? A combination of real-world business experience plus at least one of the other areas would be the best. The Coach doesn’t need to be an expert in your industry or function, but should have the ability and experience to coach you on how to use your knowledge and expertise effectively.

Level of coaching expertise

The Coach spent sufficient length of time as a coach to mid-manager and senior levels to understand the complex issues.


Are the values and beliefs of the Coach compatible with the manager’s needs and goals?


Will the Coach’s time availability, flexibility of schedule, policies and practices fit with the preferences of the Executive and the organization?

Appropriate personal characteristics:
  • Innovative, creative and collaborative
  • Appropriate listening, communications and interpersonal skills
  • Practical, results-oriented, and efficient
  • Patient, yet action-oriented
  • Trustworthy, maintains confidentiality
Ability to give strong objective feedback in a nonjudgmental manner

Can they ask challenging questions to get to the core issues and provide high level, direct feedback?

The right chemistry

After obtaining the above information and meeting with the Coach, the person should consider: “Is this someone who would bring out my best and I would like to work with?” Go with your gut feel.

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Look out for our fourth and last blog in our Coaching series next week.


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