Establishing Ground Rules for a Meeting

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It has become customary to establish ground rules for conduct during a facilitated meeting.  I like to think of these as the contract between the facilitator and the group.  If I am the facilitator, you tell me how you’d like yourself and the other participants to behave, and I hold you all to that standard.  […]

Developing An Effective Process For Discussion

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To plan a good format for a meeting, facilitators need to be aware of the different ways that individuals process information and offer their input. For example, many extroverted people need to process their thoughts out loud while introverted people need to complete their thoughts internally before they speak them. If the whole meeting consists […]

Using a Parking Lot Effectively During a Meeting

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A parking lot is a list of issues that have been “parked” (set aside for later discussion) during a meeting, allowing the meeting leader or the facilitator to keep the meeting focused on its purpose when it might be missed because of a difficult side issue. Usually it is the meeting facilitator who asks the […]

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