Working together
from start to finish

Getting Started

You’ve already taken the first step: you’ve started looking for outside help for your organization. Taking the next step is easy. Simply contact MAS today or complete a Request for Assistance below.

The information you will provide in this request, like what your organization does, how many volunteers and staff you have, and what kind of help you are looking for, will help the MAS team get to know your organization and start matching our resources to your needs.

Review and Assessment

A MAS Volunteer Consultant will contact you, review your request and start building a picture of the issues you need to address and the specific tasks required. Through the completion of a Project Definition Statement, the task and the desired end goal will be clearly identified.

Putting the Project Into Action

MAS will recruit the right Volunteer Consultant or team to manage your project. They will work collaboratively with you to get the project started. MAS Volunteer Consultants will give you the benefit of their experience, direct your efforts and help you plan what needs to be done next. Then your team can start working towards your goals.

After the Project is Complete

How did the job go? Did you reach the agreed upon goals in a reasonable time frame? Once the project is complete, both you and the Volunteer Consultant will complete an evaluation. Your input and feedback is very important to ensure that we continue to deliver the best service possible to clients, helping organizations like yours do more for your community.

If you are satisfied with the project’s outcome and the work of your Volunteer Consultant, and if you are financially able to do so, we ask that you consider a donation to MAS. While we are a non-profit organization ourselves, and our Volunteer Consultants donate both their expertise and their time, your financial support will help us to continue to help others.