VC Resource Library Search Tips

If you are looking for something but don’t know where to find it there are a few ways that you can search Google folders within the MAS VC library to find what you are looking for.

Search for a full or partial file name

When you are in any Google Drive folder you’ll see a search bar at the top of the page. Enter a full or partial file name and google will search the current folder AND any sub-folders. If you are not sure which folder it’s in go back to the main library folder and search the full library. If you know which folder it’s in simply navigate to that folder and search there.

Search for a type of file (ppt, pdf, word, etc)

If searching for a powerpoint file or a specific file type use the small down arrow at the right side of the search bar. Click on the search bar and an advanced search options page will open. Under Type click on the small down arrow and select the type of file you want to search for. For powerpoint files select Presentations, for excel files select Spreadsheets, etc. Then click on Search. This will return all files of this type in the current folder AND any sub-folders.

Using the same advanced search window you can search by author and by date modified.

Search for a string within a file

In the search bar click on the small down arrow on the right. This opens the advanced search options window. Under the options Has the words, enter the words you are looking for within quotes, e.g. “ontario budget” and this will find all files in that folder and any sub-folders with those exact words.

More advanced search techniques for Google Drive

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