Is your organization ready for an Estate Giving Program?

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The second blog in our Estate Giving series is about organizational readiness.

When should your charity consider establishing an Estate Giving Program?

Estate or Planning Giving has been emerging as the new “buzzword” for many organizations. On the surface it looks like a simple way to secure future funding. The reality is Estate Giving programs will likely take more time than an annual giving program to establish and implement.

 If your charity meets most of the following criteria, you may be ready to establish a program:
  1. Well established charity, positively perceived by the wider community to have a long-term future.
  2. A successful long term individual charitable giving program with a significant number of prospects over age 50.
  3. Generous donor base.
  4. Financially stable (long history of balanced budgets)
  5. Competent and experienced staff
  6. Full support of your Board of Directors including their willingness to personally make a estate gift commitment

It is important to take some time to consider your organization readiness. Consult widely with staff members, Board Members, past Board members, volunteers and current long time loyal donors.

Being absolutely certain the organization is ready, willing and able to consider an Estate Giving program is a very important milestone.

Have questions or want to discuss setting up an Estate Giving Program?  Click here to request assistance from MAS.

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