Current Opportunities

We have opportunities for qualified people as volunteers in three of our Service areas. MAS Volunteer Consultants must have a minimum of 10 years experience in their field. Please click the Apply Now below and you will be contacted for a telephone conversation if your application is relevant to our current vacancies.

Volunteers are expected to complete at least three projects per year. Projects are usually short-term. We customize our approach to the needs of the client.

Fundraising – MAS Volunteer Consultants must be able to advise and educate a client on what they need to know about fundraising and support them in developing plans for reaching their goals.

Human Resources – MAS Volunteer Consultants should have broad experience in a number of HR disciplines. Examples of the areas that would be of value include Performance Management, Compensation, Recruitment, Leadership Development Succession Planning and Employee Relations. Knowledge of current employment, health & safety and other governmental regulations are also valued.

Strategic Planning – MAS Volunteer Consultants should have experience in all phases of Strategic Planning with small to medium size organizations. Working with boards and Executive Directors the MAS Volunteer Consultant will facilitate and lead the client through the Strategic Planning exercise.

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Benefits of being a Volunteer Consultant for MAS

  • Contribute to the success of a wide variety of non-profit organizations
  • Varied work
  • Flexible schedule
  • Your choice whether to accept any particular client request

To learn more about MAS, contact us at or 416-963-5792.

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