Marketing – mid-sized charities

Marketing staff – “How can we work smarter?”

EDs – “How can I measure the effectiveness of our marketing?”

Board members – “What are the marketing questions I should ask?”

Consultants – “ How can I add value?”

The marketing challenges you face as a mid-size are much more complex than when you were small.   A mid-size nonprofit spends $100,000+ in marketing and fundraising costs and salaries.  That means you have a decent donor database and you have hired a marketer or a fundraiser.  But how do you run an efficient marketing department?  How do you create a culture where marketers thrive?

MAS has created free tools for you to self-assess your marketing. You can select a project manager from within your nonprofit to guide the self-assessment.  Or you can Contact MAS and we can guide you.



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Rev Efficiency



Donor Churn

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